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Stainless self drilling screws for steel composite panel ( drilling capacity 6.0mm )


  • Stainless steel self drilling screw made ​​with BIMETAL
  • Hardened surface of the thread (flexible core). Corrosion resistant zinc coating of thickness not less than 12 um.
  • The shape of the thread and its height is designed for applications into sandwich panels and steel construction.
  • Two types of threads: one designed for mounting into a steel structure, second under head thread, prevents external panel dents and helps to seal the connection.
  • The drill bit is designed to provide quick and trouble-free installation in the steel. Sharp point of the drill prevents movement of the surface of the fixture.
  • Self vulcanizing EPDM washer. Temperature and UV resistant. The special shape of the washer ensures proper seating of the sealing material on the outer cladding material fixture which guarantees a proper seal.